Truck Mounted Boom EWP

Truck mounted boom lifts are ideal for situations where you have several jobs in a day and need to quickly move from one location to another. Alternatively, if a machine needs to be removed from the site immediately after use, (for example, with highway work), or if an unmounted knuckle or straight stick boom isn't suitable, a truck mounted boom is a great alternative.
Utility companies needing safe access to power lines, tree lopping companies with several sites to visit in a single day, or other similar businesses can benefit from these robust, on-the-road, EWP solutions.

Truck Mounted Boom Lift Hire - Benefits

Our truck mounted booms for hire feature:

  • Modest footprints - Most of our truck mounted booms can fit in the same space as a standard car park and are typically lighter than similar self propelled booms, so suit a wider range of applications. Their discreet footprint is maintained, even when outriggers are deployed (see below).
  • Extra stability - Many truck mounted booms feature outriggers, giving you a sound, strong footing on uneven ground.
  • Higher safe working loads – More than one person at a time can work on the platform, increasing efficiency.
  • Minimum disruption to work sites – Booms can be on and off site as soon as work is finished, minimising disruption and reducing the possibility of theft or machine damage.

Truck mounted booms – versatile and cost effective

Communications towers, oval/stadium lighting, gabled roofs, film and TV shooting, cleaning and maintenance are just some of the wide range of applications suited to truck mounted boom lifts. Even better, since the cost of hire is spread out across several jobs, you receive great value for money. 

Truck mounted boom lift hire Brisbane

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