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Looking for scissor lift rental in the greater Brisbane area or elsewhere in Queensland? We can provide instant access to the highest quality scissor lift rental range, including world-leading brands like Genie Scissor Lifts,  JLG Scissor Lifts, Snorkel Scissor Lifts, and Skyjack Scissor Lifts.

Electric Scissor Lift

Electric scissor lift rentals are ideal for those jobs where you need an ultra compact EWP to squeeze through tight spaces and narrow doorways. Plus, their non-marking tyres, low noise and zero emission features make scissor lifts the perfect choice for indoor and outdoor flat slab applications.

With working heights ranging from 6.4m to 14 metres and load capacities of up to 567kg, our scissor lifts' superb manoeuvrability make them the EWP of choice for warehouse stock management, security/fire system installation, filming, interior window cleaning, general maintenance and more.

Rough Terrain Scissor Lift

Diesel scissor lifts make short work of rough terrain and heavy duty access problems. These reliable, robust scissor lifts feature 4WD, extension decks for increased working space, automatic levelling and 50% gradeability features. With working heights ranging from 10m to 18m, our rough-terrain scissor lift hire range gives you easy access your working space - wherever it is - and regardless of whether there's power available on site.  We also offer a range of bi-energy scissor lifts, so should electricity supply fail, you're covered by diesel power to keep on going. Bi-energy units are particularly popular for round-the-clock applications letting you keep working through the night, while the unit simultaneously charges its battery. 

Scissor Lift Training

Scissor lift hire might be one of our specialities, but comprehensive scissor lift training is equally as important to us. We offer specific, in-depth scissor lift training, designed to equip you with all the knowledge you need to qualify for a scissor lift yellow card, to perform your job to the highest standards and keep yourself safe while in the air. Book online or find out more about HiReach training, or call us on 1300 661 400.

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