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Scaffold platfom on church

When it comes to those extra tricky access problems, scaffolding can be an ideal solution, since it's built exactly to your specifications and forms directly to a structure. Scaffold can be particularly effective for such jobs as body corporate or strata committee maintenance work,  and for builders and carpenters, painters, plasterers and renderers, shop fitters, electricians, glaziers, roofers and plumbers. 

Scaffold around apartment complex
Scaffold walkway over water

Our fully qualified and highly experienced team can provide on-site advice regarding the best type of scaffold for your job, as well as erect the perfect scaffold solution for you - whether you need full building wraps, or small to large mobile aluminium towers. This speedy set up and dismantle service means your scaffold can be up fast and your team working productively, sooner.

Scaffold for signage
Scafflold indoors

We only use the highest quality aluminium (T63), with a stronger and sturdier composition (a 3mm wall thickness on standards, ledgers and transoms). Our scaffold eliminates trip hazards on corner scaffold bays as the star cluster is the same height around the standard, and allows for a level work platform all around.


Aluminium scaffold can weigh up to 1/3 of a similar steel scaffold load, which means quicker install and dismantle time. It is ideal for those jobs where steel scaffold is unsuitable - for example, on load sensitive roofs or flooring such as timber or tiles. The lightweight composition of our aluminium scaffold means less stress on support structures, and makes it easy to manoeuvre around congested construction sites.

Scaffold around church
Building wrapped in scaffold

Scaffolding hire can reduce labour costs by cutting down on overall job time, and is an ideal working at heights solution for both commercial and residential projects. Due to quicker install and dismantle time, aluminium is ideal when timing is critical. A tower can be built, used for its purpose and taken down within the hour. Scaffold is perfect for stair access to roofs requiring immediate maintenance.

Highrise building using scaffold
Scaffold on top of building

Aluminium scaffolding is flexible in its configuration, forming to buildings with ease and making light work of unusual or hard to access elements of architecture. Scaffold walkways can be erected over cavities or voids, or other obstacles or barriers such as water. Scaffold can be used as roof guarding and as stairs to access rooftops.

Scaffold bridge
Scaffold around unit block

Interior or exterior - hire scaffold is suited to both. It fits easily through narrow entrance ways, unlike some other EWP. Being impervious to rust, aluminium scaffold lasts longer and requires no maintenance, guaranteeing you a high quality access solution, every time. Simply mix and match your frame sizes, braces and platforms and we can create a portable scaffolding solution for you that's safe, adaptable and cost-effective.

Scaffold around building which is difficult to access
Mobile scaffold

Mobile scaffold towers are great for ceiling or overhead work where the working platform must be large and easily manoeuvrable. For example, painters can particularly benefit from mobile scaffold's versatility, since various configurations allow you to reach up to 9 metres in height and they're incredibly quick to erect.  Narrow mobile scaffolds can be used indoors through tight doorways, and our stair access mobile towers can provide convenient access to roofs.

Scaffold on Brisbane City skyscraper
Scaffold around church

We can provide scaffold for edge and void protection, stair access mobile towers, full house wraps, full walk through scaffolds, cantilevered towers, and drop scaffolds.

Scaffolding hire for Queensland, Brisbane, Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast is just a phone call away. Contact us or call 1300 661 500 and ask about an access scaffolding solution to meet your needs, today.

Scaffold wrap
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