Your safety is our top priority when you're operating an EWP, so we offer a range of comprehensive forklift training and EWP courses, to ensure you're properly equipped to carry out your job safely and efficiently.

Accredited Access Training
For all machines

Whether you require a licence for a towable cherry picker, 135ft knuckle boom or forklift, our fully equipped training facility offers a range of courses that can get you the ticket you need. The widest range of state of the art plant and equipment is available, so if you will be using a certain type of machine on your next job, we can train you on that exact machine type.

Warehouse Environment
Hands-on practice

With multiple training rooms set up to cater for individual course requirements, our training facility also includes a realistic simulated working warehouse environment. This enables trainees to utilise plant and equipment, simulating 'real world' outcomes, instilling confidence and promoting correct working practices.

Forklift Training 
Real world practices

Our forklift training course covers the skills and knowledge required to safely and efficiently operate a forklift, including pre and post-operational checks, planning work, locating load and load characteristics, moving loads, driving the forklift in a safe manner, correctly shutting down and securing the forklift after operations are complete, and site clean up.

Training by Industry Experts
Safety is paramount

What makes HiReach Training different? Our trainers are not just trainers - they are experts in the access industry with years of experience using the equipment in the real world. You'll get the insight of our experience to help you stay safe when you're working at heights.

Combined Courses
Saves you time

When you need to get qualified quickly, we offer a number of combined courses which save you time, by covering two tickets in one convenient program.  These are:

Boom and Scissor Lift Training
Practical, useful, safe

Our Boom lift and scissor lift training courses will keep you safe while working at heights. Our courses include:

We also have a range of combined courses and refresher courses including a work at heights refresher course.​



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