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Read the latest Queensland Tenders and Contractors Review Magazine article (PDF) on how we make bridgework easier with our MOOG Under Bridge Inspection Units.  HiReach Rentals is the MOOG Service Agent in Australia and these units can increase the productivity, speed and safety of maintenance, inspection or repair work done alongside or under bridges.

Read the article (PDF), or read  more about our Under Bridge Inspection Units


On Saturday 10 August 2019, HiReach Sunshine Coast hosted the Sunshine Hospice 'Hang Ya Boss Out to Dry' Fundraiser. The fundraiser raised money for the Sunshine Coast’s first ever purpose-built community hospice, which will provide 24/7 high quality, residential palliative care. 'Bosses' from around the coast were taken up in scissor lifts, until they raised their dollar targets.

Visit the Sunshine Hospice 'Hang Ya Boss Out to Dry' Fundraiser.

Mast Climber project for Hawkins New Zealand

This challenging job for the Auckland City Council involved renovation and refurbishment work for their building in Albert Street, Auckland.  This 2 year project involved the removal of granite cladding and replacement with alpolic cladding, and refurbishment of the reception areas. We recommended 4 mast climbers for this project, to transport workers and materials quickly, easily and safely up and down the sides of the building, and provide a stable and ergonomic working platform to a height of approximately 100m.  The Scanclimber mast climbers were versatile and robust enough to efficiently transport the 120kg granite blocks, workers and other materials.  

Brisbane Airport
Mast Climber projct Brisbane Domestic Airport

This project to repair the façade at the Brisbane Domestic Airport, required a solution which provided a large working platform to allow for 6 staff working simultaneously to repair the wind chimes. We installed this twin mast, mast climber which provided an ergonomic working platform as workers moved up and down the façade, making the installation more efficient.

Scaffold project on church

A hail storm in Brisbane severely damaged St John's Cathedral, and we were engaged to provide access solutions for the repair work. We recommended the use of scaffolding around the roof because of the height and angle of the roofline. We also installed mast climbers to transport tools and materials up to the roof, which meant the work could be done more efficiently, and more effectively.

PA Hospital
Mast Climber project PA Hospital

For this project at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane, we supplied multiple twin mast, mast climbers for the installation of alpolic cladding. This allowed for the transport of workers and materials to the required working height quickly and easily, allowing for a reduced timeframe.

Mast Climber project National Library Canberra

For this project at the National Library in Canberra, we erected the largest free standing Scanclimber mast climber in Australia, approximately 41m long and 23m high. The project involved replacing the Carrara marble around the parapet. The mast climber was configured as a twin mast and had no ties to the building, which meant there was no patching required when the mast climber was removed. The mast climber allowed for the efficient transport of workers and materials to the correct working height, and provided a large and stable working platform.

Scaffold and Scissor Lift project 111 Eagle St Brisbane

Sometimes there's just not a single solution that will do the job. That is where we can offer multi-product solutions to meet the most difficult and unusual challenges. For this job installing glass walls in 111 Eagle St, we provided scaffolding and scissor lifts because of the difficult site access and limited work area.

eiffel tower
Scanclimber Mast Climbers on Eiffel Tower

Our Mast Climber supply partner Scanclimber was involved in one of the largest and most complex projects imaginable - producing the biggest transport platform in the world to supply materials and equipment to the first floor of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. The Eiffel Tower was undergoing  €20 million renovation work and required a solution which could meet the strict requirements and small available work area. Scanclimber received the International Awards for Powered Access (IAPA) award for best product and best project of the year 2013 for this Eiffel Tower project. 

Spider Lift project St Stephens Cathedral

Our client needed to undertake maintenance on a cathedral, where access had previously been impossible due to:

  • Stairs had to be negotiated to obtain access to the area

  • Restricted access due to the door width

  • Weight limit on the floor was restricted

  • Conventional equipment did not provide for the working height required 

We recommended the Monitor 2210 spider, which has unrestricted outreach, hydraulically expanding tracks that expand width ways and extend down for improved ground clearance. The huge fly boom provided unmatched up and over outreach, while the large platform could rotate both ways, a full 90 degrees.

Albert St
Mast Climber project 123 Albert St

For its project, 123 Albert St Brisbane, Lainge O’Rourke requested that we engineer an access solution that would enable them to clad the full exterior of their 26 floor, premium office and retail mix building.

As the largest single climber job we have ever undertaken, HiReach supplied 20 mast climbers, offering reach up to 120 meters each. While there were many access challenges on this project, we overcame them with minimal disruption and the project was delivered on time and on budget.

Spider Lift project Yeerongpilly Railway Station

At the Yeerongpilly railway station refurbishment, HiReach engineered an innovative access solution utilising both conventional and specialised access equipment.

Working to a very strict time table (as the lines had to be energised and the rail system completely shut down), we supplied the Monitor 2210 spider to gain platform access. Conventional equipment was ruled out as too heavy and bulky for this application.


On the uneven ground of the railway lines, we supplied the JLG 510 AJ boom lift, which easily provided the necessary ground clearance and robustness to cope with the rough terrain.

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