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Spider Lift Working Indoors

For big reach in small areas, the spider lift range is unbeatable. Our self-propelled spider lifts are light enough to work on load-sensitive flooring, while their non-marking rubber tracks respect all surfaces. Their narrow configuration also means that if a standard boom lift is unsuitable, you can still take a tall access working platform indoors. 


Indoors or outdoors, spider lifts' lightweight, extremely narrow access capabilities make them one of our most popular elevated work platforms. The platform quickly and simply detatches with only one pin for accessing very tight locations.

Spider Lift working outdoors

Spider lifts' compact dimensions and lightweight construction mean they're an elevated work platform that performs well in confined or congested working areas. Easily transportable and with an incredibly low weight to horizontal outreach ratio, our spider lifts are the answer to those particularly difficult access challenges.


Take them outside and their expandable and variable position stabilisers make it easy to achieve good ground clearance on difficult slopes, soft, boggy or uneven terrain.

Spider Lift with remote control drive

Spider lifts are ideal for workspaces with limited access - such as construction and industrial applications. These machines have remote control drive, so they can squeeze through the narrowest entryways.

All our spider lifts have the ability to setup on difficult slopes. Expandable tracks ensure stability when manoevering in their environments. Our spider lift hire range has working platform heights of 15m – 27.50m, getting you way up high - safely.

Call us on 1300 661 500 today, for advice on the right machine for your job.

Spider Lift Training

To operate a Spider Lift you need an EWP ticket, so we now offer EWP Training in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and around Queensland.

For operators of any boom type EWPs under 11 metres, a Yellow Card (self propelled boom lift), is required. HiReach Training offers a Yellow Card training course, and a range of combined courses to give you practical guidance for maintaining safe working environments.


The EWP over 11m licence QLD covers the knowledge and skills to safely operate various categories of elevating work platforms with a boom length over 11m.   Book online or find out more about HiReach Training, or call us on 1300 661 400.

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