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As a world leader in as mast climber work platforms and hoists, Scanclimber has manufactured high-quality products for various industrial sectors for the transportation of people and goods, for more than 50 years.

Due to continuous development and innovation in industry leading rack and pinion-based vertical access solutions, Scanclimber has won many International Awards for Powered Access (IAPA), and been used for many unusual and difficult access projects - including the Eiffel Tower!


Scanclimber has been a trusted partner of HiReach Rentals since 2007, and our unique experience designing and installing many Scanclimber mastclimber projects throughout Australia and New Zealand includes the

Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane, National Library in Canberra123 Albert St BrisbaneBrisbane Domestic Airport, and Auckland City Council buildings.

Scanclimber mast climbers are renowned in the construction industry for their ability to cut costs, increase productivity and improve worker safety through providing a larger work platforms, greater load capacity and higher reach. If you have an unsolvable access challenge, a Scanclimber mastclimber might be the right solution for you, so give us a call today on 1300 661 500.

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