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Almac specialise in producing self-propelled tracked aerial platforms with the latest technological advancements. 

Made in Italy to the highest quality standards, Almac's attention to detail, choice of production materials, and innovative approach mean their machines are synonymous with quality and excellence.

The Athena 870-BL and Athena 1090 EVO scissor lifts in the HiReach Rentals fleet have unique innovation, allowing their use on slopes of up to 20 degrees, with distinctive bi-levelling technology.

With proactive and dynamic levelling, the Athena 1090 EVO can overcome the standard limitations of traditional 4 x 4 traction scissor lifts. The dynamic levelling double track means means it instinctively self aligns while at height, and automatically self levels whilst stowed and driving at speed, allowing the operator to work on steep slopes or uneven rough terrain.


The impressive 10m working height and bi-energy engine of the Athena 1090 EVO scissor lift allows versatility for indoor or outdoor use, making this nimble and compact machine perfect for hard to reach and confined spaces.

If you have a difficult access challenge, the Athena might be the answer, so give us a call on 1300 661 500.

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